Our products

MobiFolders for iPad

MobiFolders is an app for intuitive and easy management of documents on the iPad. When programming, we attached great importance to the ergonomic and aesthetic user interface. The target we set ourselves was to utilize the maximum comfort and performance potential that iPad has to offer. One of the core competencies of Telejur Software Solutions GmbH is the development of individual document management systems (DMS) for customers in the insurance industry in Europe. It is the experience of our developers with powerful DMS systems designed for large amounts of data that contributed to the development of MobiFolders.
Text Mill

TextMill for iOS and Android

Writing texts in a fast way and then sending them via email or SMS?

Creating easily individualized texts, Christmas-, birthday wishes and much more from predefined text blocks?

TextMill will provide you a great and powerful support.

TextMill is a minimalist and simple-to-use editor that allows you to focus exclusively and without distraction on your writing activity.

TextMill offers you following features:

  • Writing texts with an easy to use editor
  • Generating texts from prefabricated text blocks
  • Sending SMS and e-mails directly from within the application
  • Generating your own always reusable text blocks

Telejur Software Solutions GmbH develops individual software solutions as well as standard programs.

In the development of individual solutions our partners appreciate the high technical competence of our company and also the extensive and deep knowledge in the technical field of insurance. That is why we often participate in the development of concepts and functional specifications at the earlier stages of the project.


In this software segment, we have developed the following solutions:

  • Individual DMS-System.
  • This system is now being used with success in ten European countries. It contributes significantly to a very high productivity in the back office. The outstanding feature of this software is the perfect adaptation to the specific requirements of our partners and the rapid implementation of new functionalities.
  • Portal solutions
  • Offer programs
  • Complex management systems


MobiFolders for iPad - an iOS application - which enables the creation of a small DMS system on the iPad. With its design, ergonomics and modern technology, we are addressing the most demanding users. In the corporate area this software can be used as iPad - Client for connecting to major DMS systems. A detailed description of this software can be found in "Products".


Maintenance and further development of ERP- Systems are also part of our field of activity. In particular, we take gladly care of systems with several million lines of source code.


In the area of ​​data warehousing and business intelligence our highly qualified ETL programmers cooperate with our customers directly. Our partners appreciate the high level of commitment and thorough technical knowledge of our employees.


The success of a software project highly depends on its conceptual design. Also in this phase, we provide our know-how and work out concepts with our clients before the first line of a program is written. Thus our customers benefit from analysis, design and programming from one supplier. Our consulting services improve the quality of the software, and are an essential factor for projects completed in time and budget.